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Plumbing Terms & Conditions


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Plumbing Terms & Conditions

1. $99.00 per hour during Straight Time: 8am-4:30pm M-F
2. $188.00 per hour during Premium Time: After 4:30 pm M-F, Weekends, & Holidays
3. The minimum charge for plumbing service is one hour installation and ½ the total time for dismantle.
4. All drain dismantle labor hours will be equal to the Fill installation labor hours

Outlet Locations: All first outlets will be installed on the floor at the back wall of booth. Added outlets
must be indicated on floor plan and will be charged on a time and material basis.

Special Equipment: HTE requires 30 days notice prior to move-in to supply special regulators,
strainers, traps, etc.

Hi-Tech Electric Materials: All materials and equipment furnished by HTE shall remain the property of
HTE and shall be removed only by HTE at the close of the show.

Service/ Repairs: HTE has exclusive jurisdiction to make Plumbing service connections or

Floor Coverings: Unless otherwise directed, HTE personnel are authorized to cut floor coverings to
permit installations of service.

Equipment Requiring Water: All equipment using water must have an inlet and outlet properly tagged
by exhibitor representative for installation by HTE.

Moisture/ Sediment/ Loss of Pressure: HTE is not responsible for the accumulation of moisture, oil,
or water in air lines. Exhibitors should supply their own filter or equipment to handle moisture or
water. HTE is not responsible for sediment, color, or taste of water in line. HTE is not responsible for
loss of pressure. Pressure may vary. No guarantee can be made of minimum or maximum pressure.
If pressure is critical, the exhibitor should arrange to have a pressure regulator valve or pump
installed. HTE is not responsible for any costs associated with such accumulation in air lines or loss
of pressure. Water filters are recommended and are available on request.

Cylinders: All cylinders must be firmly attached to exhibit. If cylinder must be made secure by HTE it is
subject to a labor charge. A connection of a regulator to cylinder or equipment will be subject to a 1
hour minimum labor charge plus material at the prevailing labor rate.

Ramping of Utility Lines: All ramping of utility lines in booth are done on a time and material basis.
Laying of lines under carpet or floor or spotting from ceiling will incur an additional labor charge.

Estimates / Revisions
1. Estimate requests are encouraged for budgeting purposes. Requests must be received 30 days in
advance before move in begins in order to prevent delays in processing. Estimate requests are
subject to a minimum of one hour labor per revision.
2. Reductions made to an existing order are subject to a 10% surcharge.

Supervision Fees: All booths and displays with labor will incur a 20% supervision fee of the total
labor hours.


  • Cancellation up to 21 days prior to event start date is subject to 20% of services ordered.
  • Cancellation within 21 days of event start date up until decorator move-in date is subject to 50% of services ordered.
  • Once services are installed, there is no refund for cancellation.

Disconnection: All services will be disconnected and/or shut-off at the conclusion of the show
unless advance notice given by the Exhibitor to (and acknowledged by) HTE.

Claims and/or Invoice Disputes: Any claims or disputes to charges with regards to the services
provided by HTE will not be placed under review by HTE management unless filed by the Exhibitor
prior to the close of the exposition. Such dispute must be in writing by the Exhibitor and provided to
HTE management. HTE management will conduct a billing audit and handle such disputes on a case
by case basis.

Delays: In the event the completion of work is prevented or delayed due to damage or destruction of
the building, fire, accident, vandalism, earth movement, hurricane, tornado, windstorm, theft, labor
strikes, warfare, material shortage, delay of any governmental agency in issuing any required permit
or certificate, or in performing inspections, litigation, or any act of God, HTE is due payment for all
executed work, labor, and materials.

Payment: Payments must be received in full 21 days before show move-in to secure the incentive
rate. No credit or refund will be issued for connections installed and not used. Full payment is
required to process order. A retainer credit card is required. All balances must be settled prior to
event closing.

On-site Payments / Tipping: All on-site payments must be submitted only to a Customer Service
Representative or HTE Management. Tipping or gratuity of any kind is not permitted.

Labor Rates: All Labor Rates are subject to the current labor contract effective at time of performed

Indemnity: The Exhibitor, Display House, and Show General Contractor will indemnify Hi-Tech
Electric, LLC for any and all work related claims, accidents, losses, and damage.