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Frequently Asked Questions

 Where is my power located?

Inline and Peninsula Booth power is generally located along the back center curtain wall, unless you request the power to be distributed from this main location (drop) to other locations in the booth.

Island Booths will have the main drop installed at the location requested by you. This main drop must be indicated on a scaled floor plan. Neighboring aisles and booths should also be included on this floor plan. Should no floor plan be provided, the main drop will be installed in the booth at our discretion. 

Note:  For safety precautions, all Island Booth power will be turned off after the installation is completed and tested.  Please visit the Electric Labor Desk when your carpet installation is completed to schedule your booth electric services to be energized.

What if I need power in one or more additional locations?
Supply Hi-Tech Electric with a floor plan of your booth showing the exact outlet locations needed, and the amount of electricity designated at each one.

Feel free to download any of these scaled grids provided here for your convenience: 10x10, 10x20, 10x30, 20x20, 20x30, 20x40

If a different size grid is needed, please contact dcexhibitorservices@hi-techelectric.com.

Do I need a floor plan for lighting?
All lights require a floor plan for placement and focusing.

How do I determine how much power to order?
Calculate your electrical needs by the amperage (amps) or wattage (watts) of each piece of equipment requiring power. This would include lighting. If multiple outlet locations are required, there is a maximum of one connection per outlet. Example: If there are 5 separate locations, indicate how much wattage per outlet location.

Standard office equipment such as laptops, computer monitors, lead retrievals units, credit card machines, DVD players and TVs will be ordered from the first three line items under 120v outlet on the service order form.

How do I order 24-hour power?
Indicate the quantity of outlets in the column marked 24 Hr or Dedicated 20 amp, and double the listed amount according to the advance or post-deadline date. Also indicate these on the booth diagram.

How do I know if my booth requires labor and materials?

  • Since all Island Booths stand alone, they require electricity to be brought to a main drop location from the closest power source in the exhibit hall. Therefore, a minimum one-hour (per technician) labor is charged for installation. Materials used to complete the installation are determined on site. If you require an estimate pre-show, contact our exhibitor services dept. at dcexhibitorservices@hi-techelectric.com
  • Any booth or display that requires a dedicated outlet (minimum 20 amp) to be installed may also incur labor and material charges. For any questions, please call 510-293-6151 or email dcexhibitorservices@hi-techelectric.com
  • Any booth requesting multiple outlet locations (power distribution) will require labor with a minimum one hour (per technician) for installation. Materials used to complete the installation are determined on site.
  • Any booth with a service order for a 208V motor and equipment outlet will require labor with a minimum one hour (per technician) to configure the connection. Materials used to complete the installation are determined on site.
  • All overhead services will require labor: overhead quartz lights from the ceiling, signage over 200 lbs, lit signage
  • All re-distribution of services, added outlets, or any other onsite changes will require labor, for example: change of outlet location once installed
  • Please complete the Labor Request Section of the service order form to schedule labor.


 What is dismantle labor?

Dismantle labor is charged for all booths with installation work orders. The fee is one half (1/2) of the total installation charges.

Where do I go for assistance at show site?
Hi-Tech Electric will have an Electrical Service Desk stationed with the other service contractors at the general contractor Service Center.

How can I get an invoice of my electrical charges? A detailed invoice will be available upon request at the Electrical Service Desk at show site. You may  also request one by emailing  dcexhibitorservices@hi-techelectric.com

Can I bring my own extension cords and power strips?
Any extension cords or power strips that are not provided by Hi-Tech Electric are subject to inspection, and may not be placed under any carpet or flooring. These items are also available to rent at show site. Our electrical service desk will provide them upon request.

Will my international equipment be compatible with USA power source connections?
Please email to dcexhibitorservices@hi-techelectric.com or call 202-249-3600 for more information.

How is payment made to Hi-Tech Electric?
Full payment for all items ordered on electrical or plumbing service contract form is required at the time of ordering to process installation. Any additional labor and/or material charges will be added at show site.  We accept check, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and wire transfer payments.

  • The correct credit card billing name and address must be on the service order form, complete with city, state, and zip code
  • Purchase orders are not accepted as payment.


How do I send a wire transfer payment?
Please request our banking information by emailing to accounting@hi-techelectric.com

What if another company is paying for my electrical services?
The exhibiting company acknowledges the responsibility for any additional charges in the event a third party named does not make payment. All balances must be settled onsite prior to the event closing.